Monday, July 15, 2013

First of many.



Yes. It has been quite a few times now that i've deleted the posts in my blog. I find them not very... ME.. like how i used to blog before. I am trying to figure out what went wrong? My life used to be so interesting. So colourful.. So fun.. i guess one word best describes this phenomena is... OLD.. i've become old :'( The older i get, life becomes more boring. Yada-yadda!

As if that's gona stop me from yapping away. Anyways Alhamdulillah syukur, i've started my new job as an Executive of Corporate Communications dept at one of Malaysia's top bank ^-^ I cannot describe the wreck i was the first day i reported duty.

Heart thumping like it's gona jump out my mouth, sweaty palms, and a confused facial expression, not knowing whether to smile or just play it cool. Really. Sangat menggelabah wokeh.

Just pray that i will withstand whatever obstacles thrown in my way, inshaAllah :)

And i'd also like to wish dear friends, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Mubarak. Semoga bulan ini membawa keberkatan dalam hidup anda semua. Amin!

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