Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kdrama took over my life

My new obsession : The Heirs.

Park Shin Hye has always been my favourite Korean actress. She has powerful chemistry with all the heroes in the dramas she acts. 

And ofcourse, Lee Min Ho, being the pretty guy he is in real life, plays this perfect spoilt, rich kid but at the same time such a romantic and sweet guy :')

I can't help myself being giddy and girly watching this drama. And plus point would be the presence of Kang Min Hyuk! Someone to represent my CNBlue boys :) 

Though at first Yong Hwa was supposed to be one of the cast in this drama. But i can't imagine him playing the role of any of the rich kids.  

And last but not least, I find myself fonding over Krystal Jung. Really one talented actress, and way way prettier than sister, Sica.

AND to make it perfect, Hongki sings the OST for this drama.... sob sob... Hongki was so cute as Jeremy in You're Beautiful..

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